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LANDEN Red Lava Stones for Aquascaping Terrariums(15.5lbs,3-10 inches)11pcs

LANDEN Red Lava Stones for Aquascaping Terrariums(15.5lbs,3-10 inches)11pcs

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  • 【Pure Natural Lava Stone】Red lava is of volcanic origin and is rich in minerals and trace elements. It remains in its original state, except for being hand-picked and cleaned. It has a rough texture and is rich in pores, so it has a very large surface area and a lighter mass than common stones.
  • 【Contrasting Red】It has a actively and naturally support the contrasting colors in the landscape, i.e. black and green,makes aquascaping richer. Red lava stones are attractive to some ornamental fish and induce them to produce brilliant colors.
  • 【Suitable for Natural and Aquatic Landscapes】Red Lava is always paired with branch woods, roots, and easy aquatic plants like Anubias, Bucephalandra, and fern plants. The different shapes and sizes are perfect for a nature aquarium or Isagumi style layout in planted aquarium.
  • 【Porous Structure for Bacteria Cultivation and Water Purification】The porous texture of lava rock creates a good habitat for the survival and development of beneficial bacteria such as nitrifying bacteria, making the aquarium environment healthier. The rough surface also has a filtering function that absorbs harmful bacteria, debris, feces and harmful heavy metal ions, keeping the water in the tank clean.
  • 【Stable Nature and Activated Water】Lava stone is stable in nature, so it does not affect the composition of the aquarium and increase the hardness of the water, and it helps to stabilize the PH value and mineral content. It also promotes the activity of oxygen ions in the water, which helps the metabolism of plants and animals in the aquarium.

LANDEN Aquarium Hardscape — Red Lava Stone

LANDEN aquarium hardscape-Red Lava Stone

LANDEN Lava Stones Specific Information

It is normal if the stone in the package has a peculiar smell. The peculiar smell will disappear if you put them in a ventilated place to dry for 24 ~ 48 hours because the stone has volatile alkaline organic matter in its natural state.


  • Suitable for various scenes such as an aquarium, glass container, animal feeding box, reptile tank, micro landscape, iwagumi, bonsai style, and aquascapes. It can be used alone or combined to create landscapes such as caves, cliffs, and mountains.


[Usage Suggestion]: When applied in aquarium landscaping, the suggested amount of pounds required = 2 x Tank volume in gallons.

One pack of this product is generally for a 9 Gallon (40L) aquarium setup. Please buy the quantity you need according to the actual tank size and aquascape needs.

Recommend always buying more hardscape stones if your tank needs more than one set. More hardscape stones allow more combinations to choose from and are also convenient in the case of future replacement.

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